Just to be clear: no premiere date for Doctor Who Series 7 has been announced.


And so anything you read on the Internet about the subject today is probably somebody’s wild guess.

In completely unrelated news: did you know that the BBC writes it’s own Doctor Who fanfic novellas? There’s an entire section on the Doctor Who Official website. Here’s the artwork for one called Snowfall:

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"They love each other very much. The whole story is that, always has been - these two unshakeable friends who complete each other, and redeem each other. It’s a story over a century old, and we show no sign of getting tired of it, and why should we? Some people want that love to be, well, more romantic, and good luck to them. Everyone should enjoy the show the way they want to and all interpretations are equally valid - I’m only a writer. Personally, I thought Charlie’s Angels all lived in the same jacuzzi - I was happy."

Steven Moffat on whether or not Sherlock and John love each other

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Casually remind you that Benedict is going to be in Star Trek. :D

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